The relic

I didn’t draw today but I did uncover a relic in an old sketchbook.

pencil drawing of derelict building

The Relic, 15 October 1997
Kermode Street, North Adelaide

I drew this old house two months after moving to Adelaide, a few weeks after Princess Di’s car crash, a month after the city’s only newspaper (the Murdoch family’s first) went from broadsheet to tabloid, and several weeks before the building got knocked down.

While I was drawing, an elderly woman with a small shaggy dog stopped to peer over my shoulder. “Oh, you’re drawing The Relic,” she said, in a beautifully drawly English accent. Her name was Molly, her dog was Chou-Chou (short for “Petite Chou-Fleur”, aka “My Little Cauliflower), and they lived just across the road from me.

We chatted for a bit before she and Chou-Chou headed off up the street, and later that day she brought me some lemons from her backyard tree. I took them back a day later in the form of lemon squares. She was my first friend in my new neighbourhood.

pencil sketch of figure walking dog

Molly and Chou-Chou