The Hushes

A five-minute scribble at the Wheaty tonight



Simple problems 

It’s bad times around the world at the moment. Forgive me if I deal in difficulties so simple they don’t even qualify as difficult. Hence, a comic about coffee, or lack thereof.


Five minute scribble: Favourite skirt 

The scribble got done last week. Today remembered I’d used soluble graphite (yay!) so finished it off with a wash.   Here’s the important tool—a little Sakura water reservoir brush. Miraculously leak proof in my bag.  I’m enjoying the new Stillman & Birn sketchbook too … The paper doesn’t strike me as too different from any ordinary hardbound sketchbook but it has a really sturdy stitched binding so you can make the book lie flat without wrecking it. Nice.

Fake No. 2: Skyvader

So my assignment for Materiality: Fake was to re-create three historic animal fakes, including the jackelope and this one, which I’d never heard of before: the Skyvader.

Now with extra mothiness

Now with extra mothiness

The skyvader was said to have had the body of a hare and wings of a woodgrouse. I thought something with a name like that needed to be much more imposing so I gave it something much scarier: wings of a … moth. What could be scarier than a giant moth?

She gets back to work 

So, I’ve been scanning…

I’ve just finished some drawings for my very clever friend’s next production of Materiality. (Check that out, along with CRANK and other goodness at pinknantucket press!)

I love scanning. Not only do I get to keep drawing on paper, I get to tweak scans! Photoshopping calms my squirrelly brain. It’s all a bit retro tho. To upgrade or no?