Moar uke

So there’s lots of art in this blog, right. Why did I call it she plays ukulele?

It’s because–regardless of what I have done in my life, from living in other countries to drawing a lot to having kids to working various interesting jobs–when I meet new people (which happens often because of the lots of different things I like to do), my introduction almost inevitably includes the phrase “She plays the ukulele”. (Except for one friend, who always introduces me with the phrase “She got shouted at on the phone by Phil Spector!” Which is true, but another post.)

This info is apropos of the fact that I realised how little uke content is actually in my blog. So that needs fixing. Here’s me and Sailbad the Sinner busting out Elvis’s ode to tinned pineapple, “Beach Boy Blues”, at the Hillbilly Hoot last week. We are happier than we look, although it was a really cold night and I admit we do look downright grim.

Maybe we were sad that it’s not beach weather. Anyway, it’s always uke weather.

hillbilly hoot ukes

Cold night at the Hillbilly Hoot

Obligatory uke geek comment: I am not the uke collector that the man to my right is/was but I have a handful of em. This travel Kala gets the most outings. I almost always pack it along to the Hoot, even if I don’t think I’m going to play. It fits in well especially when the stage gets crowded. At which point people always go “That thing is so LOUD”. (Piccie by Ian Fisk)




True stories

In the movie of my life, here was this morning’s scene: I’m in the cafe getting my morning takeaway, in heels and black dress for work function later, and I realise as I wait that I’m the only woman in the place. And the cafe is like a casting call for good-looking hipster blokes aged 28-40 auditioning for…*something*. Soundtrack: a-ha, Take On Me. PS It appeared to be a comedy, as my coat was covered in cat hair.

Of course I felt compelled to storyboard it.

drawing of woman in cafe surrounded by hipsters

Strange/silly but true

I’m late, I’m late…

I’ve never tried drawing my dreams until now but this one was so vivid (in colour and memory upon waking) that I couldn’t resist.

I’d redraw it (without soluble ink! grrr!) and work a bit harder at my lettering if I had more time right now … So I took some time to clean up the comic and re-do the lettering digitally. And added colour, which looks much dodgier on my monitor at work than at home on my dodgy old iMac.

As always, a clean drawing is better than hours in Photoshop. Someday I’ll learn.


I dreamed I was a bridesmaid at a massive wedding…