The creative leak

Yesterday a thought blasted like a horn through my foggy mind as I stood somewhere gaping at my phone and thumbing through … More

True stories

In the movie of my life, here was this morning’s scene: I’m in the cafe getting my morning takeaway, in … More

Lunchtime scribble 

I’ve been taking drawing breaks instead of coffee breaks lately. Though honestly today I had both.   

Mad market

I’ve seen it worse, but the Central Market was pretty chaotic yesterday.   

The Salty River

I love a bit of visual metaphor—it’s one of the unique narrative possibilities open to the comics artist.  But it’s … More

People watching 

Cities are great for practicing observing, remembering, and drawing from memory. People come and go so quickly that you don’t … More

Finding the story

Some days when I don’t know what to draw, a small narrative will reveal itself. Usually about process. Today, the … More