Mad market

I’ve seen it worse, but the Central Market was pretty chaotic yesterday.



The Hushes

A five-minute scribble at the Wheaty tonight


Five minute scribble: Favourite skirt 

The scribble got done last week. Today remembered I’d used soluble graphite (yay!) so finished it off with a wash.   Here’s the important tool—a little Sakura water reservoir brush. Miraculously leak proof in my bag.  I’m enjoying the new Stillman & Birn sketchbook too … The paper doesn’t strike me as too different from any ordinary hardbound sketchbook but it has a really sturdy stitched binding so you can make the book lie flat without wrecking it. Nice.

Vault sketch no. 1

I’m plowing out from under small mountains of crap in my house, hoping to find a studio space under them. I’ve uncovered some old sketches, so I must be getting closer to the right place.


This small watercolour was done at a small suburban lake in Perth, Western Australia, 2011. I love to use ultramarine for shadows but don’t always get the intensity I want. I think it worked this time.