People watching 

Cities are great for practicing observing, remembering, and drawing from memory. People come and go so quickly that you don’t get much time to see.  

quick sketches of people

see, memorise, draw, improvise


Finding the story

Some days when I don’t know what to draw, a small narrative will reveal itself. Usually about process. Today, the story is how my hands are not really communicating with my brain. Could be the heat. Could be the caffeine. 

pen and pencil drawing

hands wont listen


Artists at work: Jackie Ormes

I find views of artists’ studios fascinating, so I had to post this photo of pioneering comic artist Jackie Ormes. I love her desk and drawing setup–all the inks and pens within reach, and a drawing board that’s just the right size, and fabulous flowers…noice. I’ll be keen to learn more about her work.

Comics artist Jackie Ormes

Jackie Ormes in her studio


Colouring in

Mucking around with ink brush drawings and digital colouring. Featuring me, post-wisdom tooth extraction. Feeling even more asymmetrical than usual.


Swelling + selfie = swellfie

I just found out last week that Jules Pfeiffer wrote/drew a graphic novel. I love the loose style of drawing, sketchy but still precise and evocative and just gorgeous. Plus it captures that mythical New York that was still present when I lived there, like a ghost. Need to read, pronto.

Pages from Jules Feiffer book

Pages from Jules Feiffer book


Five minute scribble: Favourite skirt 

The scribble got done last week. Today remembered I’d used soluble graphite (yay!) so finished it off with a wash.   Here’s the important tool—a little Sakura water reservoir brush. Miraculously leak proof in my bag.  I’m enjoying the new Stillman & Birn sketchbook too … The paper doesn’t strike me as too different from any ordinary hardbound sketchbook but it has a really sturdy stitched binding so you can make the book lie flat without wrecking it. Nice.