I’m late, I’m late…

I’ve never tried drawing my dreams until now but this one was so vivid (in colour and memory upon waking) that I couldn’t resist.

I’d redraw it (without soluble ink! grrr!) and work a bit harder at my lettering if I had more time right now … So I took some time to clean up the comic and re-do the lettering digitally. And added colour, which looks much dodgier on my monitor at work than at home on my dodgy old iMac.

As always, a clean drawing is better than hours in Photoshop. Someday I’ll learn.


I dreamed I was a bridesmaid at a massive wedding…


Vault sketch no. 1

I’m plowing out from under small mountains of crap in my house, hoping to find a studio space under them. I’ve uncovered some old sketches, so I must be getting closer to the right place.


This small watercolour was done at a small suburban lake in Perth, Western Australia, 2011. I love to use ultramarine for shadows but don’t always get the intensity I want. I think it worked this time.